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Leeds International Festival of Ideas 2024

Leeds International Festival of Ideas (LIFI) is set to return to Leeds Playhouse this October, promising four days of engaging dialogue, profound connections, and boundless curiosity. With an exceptional lineup of worldwide speakers, performers, and thought leaders, LIFI24 promises to captivate and challenge attendees with its diverse topics.

From October 2nd to 5th, LIFI will delve into pressing issues spanning addiction, artificial intelligence, care, neurodiversity, and the impact of reality TV on our perception of reality. This year's festival aims to spark dynamic conversations and foster meaningful connections among participants.

Among the luminaries headlining LIFI24 are esteemed figures from various fields, including journalism, entertainment, science, and technology. Notable names scheduled to grace the festival stages include Kate Adie, Stacey Dooley, Kate Garraway, Goldie, Paterson Joseph, Nile Rodgers, Rebecca Lucy Taylor aka Self Esteem, Tim Spector, Carol Vorderman, Matt Willis and many more. 

Joining the festival this year as keynotes and fireside chats are the brilliant Nile Rodgers and BEKA, who’ll lead a dynamic conversation on the evolution of creativity, where the rhythm of music never ceases. Kate Adie (Former BBC chief news correspondent) and Stacey Dooley (who recently hosted the BAFTA’s) will delve into the intricate realm of conflict reporting and the portrayal of war. Tim Spector (Scientific Co-Founder of Zoe) and Dr. Amir Khan (GP and bestselling author) will unravel the mysteries of gut health and nutrition, offering insights into optimal well-being. Grace Beverley will grace us with her expertise as an entrepreneur and influencer during the lunchtime discussion, exploring the nuances of the creator economy. And lastly, brace yourselves as Carol Vorderman and Rebecca Lucy Taylor, also known as Self Esteem, fearlessly confront archaic portrayals of women in the media, sparking a dialogue on whether the media needs to step up and evolve.

The panel chats this year are the strongest the festival has had. Get ready for an engaging lineup as Matt Willis from the pop-punk band Busted and Lauren Windle, an esteemed author and journalist and more as they tackle the topic of addiction. Delve into the realm of AI with Georgie Barrat, host of Gadget Show, along with NHS Digital's Dr. Nisha Sharma and the talented actor Paterson Joseph, who brings a sceptical yet insightful perspective. Professor Tim Wilson (The Circle) joins forces with Rylan (X Factor, Big Brother) alongside Charlotte Armitage, an expert on the duty of care for production companies, to explore the impact of reality TV on our perception of reality. Discover the diverse facets of neurodiversity with Ellie Middleton, an impassioned activist, Christine McGuiness, a model, and Tumi Sotire, founder of The Black Dyspraxic, in what promises to be a highlight of the discussion as they discuss “We’re all neurodiverse aren’t we?”. And ponder the question of care with Kate Garraway as she leads a conversation with Goldie, a renowned music producer, and Lizzy Oma, an advocate for cohousing, about who steps in when basic human needs are left unmet due to illness, age, disability, or poverty.

Attendees can expect thought-provoking insights, lively debates, and innovative perspectives as experts and thought leaders delve into these pressing issues. 

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of the conversation. The Leeds International Festival of Ideas takes place at Leeds Playhouse from October 2nd to 5th. Tickets will be available on 10th May, and fans are encouraged to visit to sign up for the latest news and ticket updates.


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