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Meanwood Tavern announces new kitchen residency as Pizza Loco is set to launch in September

The Meanwood Tavern, the north-Leeds pub owned by Whitelock’s Ale House, has announced a new kitchen residency.

The Meanwood Tavern opened in September 2022 and has hosted Well Oiled Detroit Style Pizza as kitchen residents for the past 12 months.

The next food residency will be Pizza Loco, the Leeds-based neo-Neapolitan pizza experts who run an award-winning pizzeria in Oakwood. Pizza Loco was founded in 2014 by pioneering pizza chef Ollie Reynolds, and has earned a reputation as one of Leeds’ best pizza joints - earning a 4.8* ranking on Google and winning the Sustainability Award at the Leeds 2023 YEP Oliver Awards.

Pizza Loco make classic 12” Neapolitan pizzas with a contemporary twist, alongside Panuozzi - their legendary pizza-dough sandwiches, using sustainable, British ingredients. Ollie Reynolds, founder and Executive Chef says “We love traditional Italian pizza, and we also love to experiment - our pizzas aren’t just about what the Neapolitan ‘rules’ stipulate!”. Expect soft, light and airy crusts, with interesting, generous toppings and an emphasis on sustainable British ingredients including Wildfarmed UK-grown and milled organic flour, Yorkshire-grown organic tomatoes, and British charcuterie.

Pizza Loco launches at The Meanwood Tavern on Thursday 7th September.

  • The Meanwood Tavern is owned by Ed Mason who also owns Whitelock’s Ale House and is a co-founder of The Five Points Brewing Group

  • The Meanwood Tavern opened in September 2022 in the north Leeds suburb of Meanwood

  • Pizza Loco take over the kitchen from Thursday 7th September

  • Plans include weekday lunchtime opening which will showcase Pizza Loco’s legendary Panuozzi pizza-dough butties

  • Well Oiled, the Detroit Style Pizza brand founded by James Newman, finishes its residency run on Sunday 3rd September

Whitelock’s and Meanwood Tavern Managing Director Ed Mason said:

We love Ollie’s pizzas - Pizza Loco is one of the best pizza restaurants in the region, and when Ollie told us he wanted to join us at The Meanwood Tavern we jumped at the opportunity. Ollie’s passion, and ethos of supporting local indie food suppliers matches our own!
We have loved working with the Well Oiled team the past twelve months and wish them all the best - it’s been an exciting journey and their pizza is amazing - and with Pizza Loco, we’re pleased to have found someone with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality!

Check out the Meanwood Tavern page.


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